About Us

Bright Engineering W.L.L. was established in 2004 and since the company's incep¬tion it is fair to say that over the years we have gained notable recognition within the construction sector. Our continuous support from our elite clients and their confidence in us has contributed to our success in recent years, and we also owe our success to the invaluable commitments of our experiance & quality management Person and entire work force.

With our construction industry experience we have the know-how and infrastruc¬ture capability to execute any challenging and time-bound projects. We have continued to achieve our optimum expectations and thus, in turn, this has been reflected in our execution of successfully completed project ranging from residen¬tial building to high rises, to water proofing and sewage / drainage system, schools, complex and development projects.

Furthermore, we have separate manpower division and we work very closely with many manpower agencies in order to provide an exceptional work force to meet the demands of the local market.

At Bright Engineering W.L.L we are never ceasing to grow and expand our expertise further with a view of becoming one of Qatar's prominent names in the construc¬tion and infrastructure industry.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with superior reliable, specific and timely information that will enable them to make more accurate decisions. We intent this information to be available to our clients at competitive rates.

Quality Statements

"We Strive to fulfill and satisfy the highest demands of our clients: a mutually beneficial relationship is what we aim to establish".

Management philosophy

Our management operates under the three princi¬ple of integrity, superior quality and initiative. Integrity forms the basics of our clients.

Superior quality enables us to serve our clients with advanced technology as well as new range of services.

Initiative prepares us to look ahead into the feature and act swiftly towards the ever-changing market we are looking in.

Project Methodology

We follow a comprehensive development life cycle for our clients.The dynamic nature of our construction business is mirrored in special challenges in the development cycle of our relationship consisting of requirement capture & Study spec design, development, Quality assurance, benchmarking, documentation and Maintenance.At all stages in the project cycle,it is necessary to be battle ready for change of plans.Thus it is neccesary to maintain effective communication with the client for status updates, feedback elicitation and approvals.Our time-tested project management methodology is optimized for tacking these challenges effectively.

Safety Policy

As an employer we assess and manage health and safety risks.We are not expected to eliminate all risk, but we are required to protect our people as per reasonably particable.A risk assessment is a imported tool in protecting our workers and our business.It help us focus on those risks that have the potential to cause harm.Most of these can be readily controlled by straight forward measures.One we have a completed assesment it is important to put results into practice.If we need to make a number of improvements, we produce an action plan to deal with thw most importantfirst.We review our assessment on an ongoing basis to ensure that it remain up to date and effective.